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Mexican Stock Exchange deploys PoP in Equinix NY data center

First Published 6th April 2017

The Mexican Stock Exchange deploys market data access in Equinix New York data center.

John Knuff, Equinix

John Knuff, Equinix

Redwood City, California and Mexico City - Equinix has announced that the Mexican Stock Exchange is the first Latin American exchange to deploy a Point-of-Presence in the Equinix NY5 International Business Exchange data center, located in Secaucus, NJ.

The Mexican Stock Exchange's new Point-of-Presence supports the company's regional strategic position to expand its global presence, and it encompasses a new channel to interconnect with the existing ecosystem of financial market participants operating within Equinix's NY5 hub.

The initial offering will provide clients with access to market data on a new multicast data feed, and it will enable lower latency for electronic equities and derivatives market providers. Over time, the Mexican Stock Exchange plans to enhance their existing capabilities by adding additional services to their offering.

John Knuff, Vice President, Financial Services at Equinix said: "We are proud to host the first Latin American exchange in Secaucus and continue to see strong momentum with the global exchanges market, as these businesses are realizing how a global data center platform can accelerate their business performance. The Mexican Stock Exchange is a locally recognized brand and adds to the strength of our financial services offering."