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CBA taps QxBranch for quantum computing simulator

First Published 10th April 2017

QxBranch releases quantum computing simulator for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Michael Brett, QxBranch

Michael Brett, QxBranch

Sydney and Washington DC - QxBranch, the quantum computing and data analytics software company, has announced the release of a quantum computing simulator for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).

The tool emulates the functions of future quantum computers, enabling software and algorithm development to proceed in parallel with the race to create breakthrough hardware.

The QxBranch Quantum Computing Simulator System can run on existing cloud computing infrastructure, or on premise as it does at CBA, allowing business leads, developers, and quantitative analysts to explore and validate uses of quantum computing hardware.

Quantum computers will offer new approaches to solving complex, multi-variable problems, such as those currently addressed using optimization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The basis of the computational speedup is an ability to assess a range of possible outcomes simultaneously, rather than in sequence or in parallel. The potential for speedups measured in thousands and millions of years are possible within the next decade.

"Our simulator gives users the power to start developing applications for critical financial operations today," said QxBranch CEO Michael Brett. "Risk management, trading, portfolio management, analysis, and security - there are few areas of finance that won't be touched."