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Euromoney TRADEDATA integrates Thomson Reuters DataScopePlus

First Published 11th April 2017

Thomson Reuters DataScopePlus integration with Euromoney TRADEDATA to drive intraday services.

Mark Woolfenden, Euromoney TRADEDATA

Mark Woolfenden, Euromoney TRADEDATA

Euromoney TRADEDATA has announced the integration into its live production of Thomson Reuters DataScopePlus data feed, which provides intraday reference data and symbology updates for global futures and options markets.

This follows the recent launch by Thomson Reuters of its enhanced DataScopePlus product, which captures intraday reference and market changes every 15 minutes. This extended alliance partner agreement builds on the collaboration between the two firms since 2005, which offered a symbology reference data solution.

Commenting on the implementation, Mark Woolfenden, Managing Director of Euromoney TRADEDATA, said "The intraday service will offer our Thomson Reuters clients more frequent data updates during the trading day, which will enable them to provide a superior service to their clients by reducing trade breaks and improving resolution times on data queries. We are pleased to extend our relationship with Thomson Reuters into intraday services, especially as new content with more frequent updates will support the increased demands of MIFID II in more timely regulatory reporting, due to go live in January 2018."