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FactSet and ONEaccess address research tracking and valuation challenges for MIFID II

First Published 10th April 2017

Joint solution enhances the tracking and evaluation of research to help meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Mike Stepanovich, ONEaccess

Mike Stepanovich, ONEaccess

Norwalk, CT and London - FactSet and ONEaccess have announced an alliance to provide institutional investor clients with a new suite of tools to track and value research products and services.

The strategic relationship between FactSet and ONEaccess will enable FactSet users to discover corporate access events, create a research valuation framework and carry out a quantitative broker vote within FactSet's Research Management Solutions (RMS). To accomplish this, three new applications will be made available via subscription through the FactSet workstation and the stand-alone Code Red system: ONEaccess Forward Calendar, ONEaccess Resource Tracking and ONEaccess Broker Vote. FactSet users can launch any of these applications to initiate corporate access event discovery and research valuation directly into their existing workflow.

"As investors prepare to comply with MiFID II requirements, ONEaccess offers a flexible approach for tracking, managing and valuing research, corporate access and events," said Mike Stepanovich, CEO of ONEaccess. "From one place, FactSet users will be able to access all relevant research content and evaluate it according to their unique preferences. This is important for compliance with MiFID II regulations in Europe and is quickly becoming a best practice in the U.S."