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Axioma upgrades Portfolio Analytics and Risk Model Machine

First Published 12th April 2017

New features include improved performance attribution, risk analysis, and usability.

London - Axioma, a provider of enterprise market risk and portfolio management solutions, has launched a new version of Axioma Portfolio Analytics (APA) and Risk Model Machine (RMM), the first release of 2017.

"Speed is of utmost importance to our clients," noted Mark Cushey, director of product management, Axioma. "In response to client demand, we've invested in parallel processing to achieve a nearly four-hold increase in the speed of performance attribution and time-series risk analysis, while making our UI even more streamlined and intuitive."

Updates to APA and RMM include:

- Faster attribution and risk analysis: Application runs performance attribution sub-periods and individual periods in time-series risk in parallel to run more than four times faster.

- Improvements in performance attribution: Re-collapses ETFs, EIFs and Funds of Funds in Factor-Based Performance Attribution (FPBA) and uses their returns for its analysis. Additions also include new graphs in the Returns-Based Performance Attribution reports to better visualize the sources of return.

- Simplified blended benchmarks: Can now be created by simply listing indexes directly in import holdings file.

- Easier setup and installation: New tool to simplify adding users to the Report Server in bulk, and easier integration into the product installation and upgrade process.

- Additions to Web Services / API: Data and tasks can now be controlled in bulk via web services making it easier to submit and run a large number of analyses at once.