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eZforex_com, Ripple, and StarOneCU announce International BlockChain Payments

First Published 25th April 2017

eZforex, Ripple and Star One Credit Union facilitate first live and commercially available BlockChain payments to banks and credit unions from the U.S. to four continents.

Jorge Jimenez, eZforex_com

Jorge Jimenez, eZforex_com

San Francisco -, a provider of international payments solutions, is expanding its suite of payments solutions to include Ripple's BlockChain technology.

Ripple, a San Francisco based company, connects banks around the world by offering real time cross border payment services to its customers using blockchain and Distributive Ledger Technology.

After one year of development, eZforex, in collaboration with Ripple and Star One Credit Union, was able to deliver live payments to 4 continents on April 10, 2017.

eZforex is cooperating with Ripple to create a new industry standard: International BlockChain Payments for the banking industry.

"The mainstreaming of BlockChain Technology will change the cross-border payment landscape for banks and credit unions in the United States sooner than anyone predicted," noted Jorge Jimenez, CEO of