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Colt launches managed FPGA solution powered by NovaSparks

First Published 26th April 2017

Capital Markets firms can access NovaSparks' low latency FPGA normalisation integrated with Colt's MarketPrizm API.

Andrew Housden, Colt

Andrew Housden, Colt

London - Colt has announced that participants can now receive TSE's Flex Full market data feed normalised with an FPGA solution as part of its market data portfolio for Capital Markets customers. The normalised market data feed is available for consumption in colocation at the exchange and wrapped in Colt's MarketPrizm API. The fully integrated solution provides customers with the low latency and deterministic performance of FPGA technology combined with Colt's API.

Powered by NovaSparks, the FPGA feed handler normalises data feeds in under one microsecond even during times of high market activity. The full integration with Colt's MP-API means that firms can combine the low latency FPGA feed with Colt's software normalised solution to access enhanced functionality and full redundancy.

"Capital Markets firms face significant challenges to remain competitive. A number of our customers have expressed interest in a managed FPGA market data solution, combining ultra-low latency and flexibility to help them succeed - and without upfront investment costs." said Andrew Housden, Vice President, Capital Markets at Colt.