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OneMarketData launches OneTick Elastic Analytics

First Published 26th April 2017

OneMarketData introduces new platform for scalable analytics and data as a hosted service.

Leonid Frants, OneMarketData

Leonid Frants, OneMarketData

OneMarketData, the creators of OneTick, the solution for event stream processing and tick data management, have announced the launch of OneTick Elastic Analytics, a new platform for scalable analytics and data as a hosted service. This offering aims to show how cloud capabilities can support faster analytics, back-testing and client reporting by leveraging elastic cloud resources to support business decisions, compute-heavy processes and development projects.

"Over the past several years, and particularly since we began providing hosted solutions, the demand among our customers for a public cloud offering has been tremendous," said Leonid Frants, President and Founder of OneMarketData. "It's clear to see why - the rapid elasticity gives users an ability to scale massive computing power to their demands in a way that would simply be unimaginable a decade ago."

OneTick Elastic Analytics is a managed service of normalized and cleansed exchange and OTC data and analytics to support backtesting, algo development, transaction cost analysis, technical studies and charting. It provides on-demand analytics for creating custom datasets using OneMarketData's enterprise data management.