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AllianceBernstein selects Bloomberg evaluated pricing for US fixed income securities

First Published 2nd May 2017

Bloomberg's evaluated pricing service provides evaluated pricing to compare and corroborate the asset manager's internal valuations for fixed income securities.

 Varun Pawar, Bloomberg

Varun Pawar, Bloomberg

New York - AllianceBernstein (AB) has selected Bloomberg's evaluated pricing service (BVAL) to benchmark and corroborate end-of-day values of its U.S. fixed income portfolio investments.

BVAL's methodology draws on real-time access to market observations from contributed sources that produces valuations for more than 2.5 million fixed income securities and over-the-counter derivatives.The accumulated mass of market data is the main driver of this approach, which first corroborates market levels on actively traded bonds and then derives a comparable relative value price for securities that are less liquid. Since the prices are derived algorithmically using the most recent market data, BVAL prices track current market conditions and consistently stand-up to rigid quality tests.

"Regulators now demand a transparent and rigorous process for establishing fair and independent asset evaluations," said Varun Pawar, global head of Bloomberg's evaluated pricing service. "BVAL meets the needs of the largest and most respected investment managers because we provide transparency into our pricing methodologies as well as unparalleled client support through our practiced team of evaluators."