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Solarflare and LDA Technologies reduce trading time

First Published 4th May 2017

Solarflare and LDA Technologies deploy Xilinx FPGAs to slash 'tick-to-trade' latency from 250 nanoseconds to 120 nanoseconds.

Ahmet Houssein, Solarflare

Ahmet Houssein, Solarflare

Irvine, CA and Mississauga, ON - Solarflare, a provider of networking solutions for modern data centers, and LDA Technologies, an FPGA product development firm, have announced a joint solution for reducing trading time.

The solution enhances tick-to-trade latency to improve the queue position of trades, and increase the probability that trades will be executed. The joint solution consists of one Solarflare software-defined NIC managing multiple Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGAs running LDA Lightspeed TCP core. The solution is available with Solarflare XtremeScale NICs.

Ahmet Houssein, Vice President of Marketing at Solarflare said: "The mission of electronic trading operations is to seize opportunities lasting only fractions of seconds. Who wins and who loses is determined by how fast a trader can digest a market feed and place orders. Our benchmark for network performance is Tick-to-Trade latency, which is the time interval between receiving a market Tick showing an opportunity to an algorithm, and sending the Buy/Sell order."