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Spread Networks and Seaborn to provide Brazil's first dedicated ULL subsea route

First Published 8th May 2017

Spread Networks becomes exclusive channel partner for Carteret NJ and BM&F Bovespa route.

Larry Schwartz, Seaborn

Larry Schwartz, Seaborn

Boston - Seaborn Networks, the developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems, has announced that Spread Networks is Seaborn's exclusive channel partner for sales to the financial vertical on Seabras-1 between New Jersey and São Paulo. This includes sales of SeaSpeed, Seaborn's proprietary low latency (ULL) solution providing a low latency path between Carteret, New Jersey and the BM&F Bovespa Stock Exchange in São Paulo, Brazil.

"Given our historical relationships with Spread Networks and their leadership role in the ULL sector, we welcome them as our partner on the most technologically advanced submarine cable between the US and Brazil," said Larry Schwartz, Chairman & CEO of Seaborn. "Our proprietary SeaSpeed product is the first Carteret-Bovespa ULL solution with an intentional subsea design for the financial industry."

Circuits will be activated on Seabras-1 for the financial industry in July 2017.