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Advanced Logic Analytics launches finance analytics

First Published 10th May 2017

Advanced Logic Analytics launches finance analytics tools for investor portfolio optimisation.

London - Advanced Logic Analytics (ALA), a provider of big data and analytics solutions for buy- and sell-side institutions and other financial firms, has introduced advanced finance analytics to help financial markets firms reduce downside investment risk and achieve upside potential.

These new analytical tools, part of the ALA OneLogic suite of big data and analytics solutions, offer quant-based augmentative strategies for portfolio composition using the academic concept of 'second order stochastic dominance'. The underlying algorithms focus on the entire distribution rather than a few statistical moments, leading to reduced downside risk and enhancing upside potential. Portfolio managers and other users also receive a daily buy/sell trading signal.

The analytical tools use data from market data and news providers and combines that with data mined from around the web. The mood of the markets is then captured and analysed, providing insight into upcoming influential events, such as elections. These early indicators help investors gain a competitive edge in portfolios before events impact the markets.

Commenting, Nick Ellis, managing director: "Investor sentiment now plays a key role in the process of asset selection and allocation."

"Through our team of leading academics, we have developed unique solutions using behavioural, sentiment and emotional finance to give investors a window into market opportunities a leading edge over the market," he continued.

The ALA OneLogic range of finance analytics includes: portfolio construction and sentiment analysis.