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Misys rolls AI strategy into trade monitoring software

First Published 15th May 2017

Misys FusionCapital Detect accelerates trade validations and reduces exceptions with machine learning.

Nadeem Syed, Misys

Nadeem Syed, Misys

London - Misys has announced Misys FusionCapital Detect, a component which can help financial institutions spot booking errors, anomalies and unusual activity, accelerating trade validations and reducing exceptions with machine learning.

FusionCapital Detect behaves as a smart personal assistant for validation teams, red flagging probable mistakes that are otherwise time consuming to identify. Users can catch errors, thus reducing operational risk and preventing manual mistakes that can lead to decisions being made on the wrong profit and loss information and incorrect end-of-day reports.

"This is an exciting first step into the AI world for us," said Nadeem Syed, CEO at Misys. "We've been able to harness these capabilities to build a system which delivers more insight and control in a fast-paced trading environment and we have already seen positive results with an early adopter global bank. This advanced technology boosts efficiency, saving costs, and can also be applied with longer term revenue growth in mind."

Being able to validate transactions at T+0 has become crucial in today's pressurised regulatory environment, including under:

  • The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR): which makes it necessary to identify errors as soon as possible in order to confirm trades within 24 to 48 hours.
  • The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB): which requires daily risk reports - unidentified trade errors will invalidate these reports, breaching compliance.