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OpenLink launches OpenLink Cloud platform

First Published 16th May 2017

OpenLink announces enterprise Cloud platform for trading and risk management.

John O’Malley, OpenLink

John O’Malley, OpenLink

London, New York, and Singapore - OpenLink has announced the launch of OpenLink Cloud - a Cloud platform for trading, treasury and risk management.

Developed in collaboration with over 50 of OpenLink's energy and financial services clients, OpenLink Cloud aims to help clients of all sizes get up and running quickly and to simplify management, monitoring and support of both production and non-production environments.

John O'Malley, CEO of OpenLink, added: "If you think you knew OpenLink, take another look. We have made a significant investment in OpenLink Cloud in response to our clients' feedback. They are looking to reduce costs, advance risk analytics and scale their operations to transform how they run their businesses. The response from clients and pent-up demand from prospects has been staggering."

OpenLink Cloud facilitates calculations of P&L and VaR-type metrics more frequently and with broader data sets. These enhanced capabilities can help departments to produce real-time analytics and improved hedging strategies, optimize capital movement and provide greater insight into profitability drivers, enhancing overall the information available for decision-making.