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Metamako adds MayStreet to its partner ecosystem

First Published 17th May 2017

Metamako adds MayStreet to its partner ecosystem, adding analytics capabilities for compliance and risk management.

Kevin Covington, Metamako

Kevin Covington, Metamako

New York, London, and Sydney - Metamako, the provider of FPGA-enabled networking platforms, has announced that MayStreet, provider of market access and data analytics technology, has joined Metamako's network ecosystem.

MayStreet's data analytics software for capital markets firms will now run on Metamako's network devices. Metamako's packet capture technology, combined with MayStreet's cloud-based analytics engine, will allow clients to capture and timestamp, and to interpret market data in real time. Users can monitor incoming market data, including bandwidth and packet loss, providing real-time performance insight, without having to use additional hardware or specialised appliances.

Kevin Covington, CEO of Metamako, said: "MayStreet is a great addition to our growing third-party ecosystem and helps us to extend the range of apps being integrated into and leveraging our platform. MayStreet has deployed its analytics engine on our latest MetaWatch application, which allows for lossless data capture using its deep buffering technology. Clients will benefit from the combination of MayStreet's analytics and Metamako's data collection and high-precision timestamping."