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BSO supplies connectivity services to CME Group customers

First Published 18th May 2017

BSO signs with CME Group to deliver global connectivity services to CME Group customers.

Michael Ourabah, BSO

Michael Ourabah, BSO

London and Chicago - BSO, the Ethernet network, cloud and hosting provider, has entered into an agreement with CME Group to offer market data, hosting and colocation services to CME Group customers.

The enhanced service capabilities, underpinned by BSO's world's fastest trading routes which span from Chicago to Moscow, Dubai and Mumbai, mean CME Group's customers can experience the full benefits of BSO's dedicated managed services offering.

As a result of the agreement, CME Group customers now have a single point of access to BSO's network reaching over 20 countries and 91 data centers across established and emerging markets as well as exchange colocation - providing direct connectivity to CME Group's Globex matching engines in Aurora, IL.

Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO, added: "In today's ever evolving trading landscape, market makers need access to a vast amount of market data to prove quality of execution, as well as pricing and liquidity risk exposure. By offering our full portfolio of managed services from one of the worlds' biggest exchanges, market participants now have the advantages of accessing one single source of market data to adjust to changing market conditions."