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RSRCHXchange to offer research consumption data via CorpAxe platform for MiFID II compliance

First Published 23rd May 2017

RSRCHXchange announces a partnership with CorpAxe,to make research consumption data available to mutual buy-side customers.

Vicky Sanders, RSRCHXchange

Vicky Sanders, RSRCHXchange

RSRCHXchange, the MiFID II research solution and marketplace for institutional research, has announced a partnership with CorpAxe, a solution for corporate access management (inclusive of commission management, broker vote and regulatory compliance), to make research consumption data available to mutual buy-side customers.

The collaboration allows research consumption and research assessment data to be pushed from the RSRCHX platform to CorpAxe via the RSRCHX data API. Making consumption and assessment data available alongside other sell-side interaction data provides users with a complete, unbundled overview and MiFID II compliant audit trail.

The partnership also aims to overcome the significant data reconciliation challenges between buy-side and sell-side. Live consumption tracking and assessment of research available on the RSRCHX platform can now be used by the CorpAxe research valuation and research counterparty evaluation tools, giving users real time, per-piece research assessment.

Vicky Sanders, Co-Founder, RSRCHXchange, commented: "Working with CorpAxe will bring the benefit of our research consumption analytics to a much broader audience and furthers our commitment to interoperability which will help the industry to meet the looming MiFID II deadline."