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Neptune furthers EMS integration partnership with TS

First Published 25th May 2017

Neptune enhances integration with partner TS's TradeSmart FI.

Grant Wilson, Neptune Networks

Grant Wilson, Neptune Networks

Neptune, the Fixed Income network for real-time "axe" indications, has announced enhanced integration with partner TS's TradeSmart FI.

The Neptune network provides a venue for investors to consume bond axes/inventory data from their Bank counterparts. This can help institutional investors looking to execute large size orders in products such as corporate and emerging market bonds.

Grant Wilson, CEO, Neptune Networks said: "Connectivity to an EMS such as TradeSmart FI is precisely what our buy-side clients are seeking from Neptune. It provides the ability to consume an aggregated feed of the highest quality bond axes, which in turn allows them to be more targeted in their enquiries for large size bond execution."

Nineteen bond dealers are already live on the network, providing axe information in real-time on over 14,500 different securities with over $131 billion in gross notional across 20 different denominations. This is generated from over 26,500 pre-trade real-time "axe" indications in the network, daily.