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Colt adds Equiduct to Colt PrizmNet

First Published 1st June 2017

Equiduct Exchange connection to Colt PrizmNet helps firms meet MiFID II best execution requirements.

Artur Fischer, Equiduct

Artur Fischer, Equiduct

London - Colt has announced that it now provides connectivity to the European exchange Equiduct through its financial extranet Colt PrizmNet, helping firms to meet their best execution requirements under MiFID II - the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II. Colt PrizmNet connects to key equity trading venues as well as other asset classes, enabling access to multiple venues through a single platform.

"Our customers are European based financial institutions and in need of a network partner with the same geographical reach," said Artur Fischer, CEO of Equiduct, speaking from their London office. "As we move increasingly into the new MiFID II landscape, the concepts of best execution and access to additional lit liquidity are of paramount importance at a time where resources are tight. The Colt PrizmNet low-latency network and exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, make Colt an ideal partner to provide access to Equiduct's range of MiFID II solutions."