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Metamako launches triple FPGA devices

First Published 12th June 2017

Metamako announces new series of devices capable of running up to 3 FPGAs on a single platform.

Dave Snowdon, Metamako

Dave Snowdon, Metamako

New York, London, and Sydney - Metamako, the provider of networking platforms, has launched a new series of devices capable of running up to 3 FPGAs on a single platform.

This configuration allows multiple performance-sensitive applications, such as trading algorithms, pre-trade risk checks or market data processing to run on a single device. Trading firms can programme all three FPGAs to operate in concert, bringing the combined power to bear on a single trading strategy.

The new range of devices leverages the latest FPGAs from Xilinx, the Kintex UltraScale and the Virtex UltraScale+.

Dave Snowdon, CTO of Metamako, said: "Being able to offer the option of up to three large FPGAs marks our move into a significantly more powerful and faster FPGA-enabled networking and applications platform. Our clients and ecosystem partners will now have much more flexibility; for example, they will be able to scale up the number of trading apps, and run larger and much more complex apps. This will also reduce latency and allow ultra-fast, direct communication to exchanges. Combined with the capabilities of these cutting-edge FPGAs, application developers can avoid off-chip RAM, providing a leap in the performance of their FPGA-based applications."