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Euroclear and Quantessence automate asset allocation in the funds industry

First Published 14th June 2017

Euroclear partners with Quantessence to deliver an open architecture platform that manages the running of predefined asset allocation algorithms.

Jo Van de Velde, Euroclear

Jo Van de Velde, Euroclear

Brussels - The first application on the platform will offer a service for iCPPI products to connect distributors, asset managers and hedge providers (investment banks and re-insurers) on the Euroclear Quantessence platform to automate the running of these algorithms.

Jo Van de Velde, Global Head of Product Management and Innovation at Euroclear said: ''Today, we already automate the selection and movement of over EUR 1 trillion of fixed income securities and equities for collateral management purposes through our triparty platform. With Euroclear Quantessence, we will extend our scope of automated selection and movement to the funds industry. It is part of our innovation strategy to explore and develop new opportunities and technologies and to bring together financial market infrastructure solutions that truly add value to market players.''