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O'Brien Investment Group launching Discretionary Global Macro Fund

First Published 15th June 2017

Hedge fund managed by Goldman Sachs alumna Monica Fuentes, Ph.D. to open to public July 1st.

Chicago and New York - O'Brien Investment Group (OBIG) has launched the OBIG Discretionary Global Macro Fund, managed by Monica Fuentes, Ph.D. The hedge fund will be open to public participation starting July 1 and available to sophisticated market participants such as accredited institutional investors and large family offices. The Fund will offer a Founders Share Class for the first $100 million of assets under management (AUM), available with a $250,000 minimum investment.

A futures-only version of the strategy was launched last month, available exclusively in a managed futures separately managed account. The minimum for a futures-only managed account is $2 million.

Monica Fuentes, Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer of OBIG, said: "For a global macro manager, 2016 proved to be a year in which events like Brexit and the U.S. Presidential election drove the markets. I believe this year and next will be similar, with event-driven trades dominating the type of trade we will be entering. We believe the German elections, Italian elections and the Trump agenda, just to name a few, will have a major impact on the global financial and commodity markets."