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Abacus Group enhances client portal for alt asset managers

First Published 19th June 2017

Upgrades include transparency into managed services provided by Abacus.

Chris Grandi, Abacus

Chris Grandi, Abacus

New York - Abacus Group, a provider of hosted cloud IT solutions for alternative asset funds, has enhanced its Abacus Client Portal, to provide asset managers with greater control of and transparency into their AbacusFLEX cloud services.

The enhancements include two new modules giving transparency into managed services provided by Abacus; real-time, on-demand charts, and enhanced visibility into services associated with each user account. The Portal enables Abacus clients to routinely monitor the inventory of Abacus services they are using for security, compliance or billing purposes as well as manage their data storage costs.

"With these enhancements to the Abacus Client Portal, asset managers can look for trends, spikes and anomalies in support ticket volume, with the goal of understanding the type of support they receive from Abacus and whether there are any topics that deserve closer attention," said Abacus founder and CEO Chris Grandi.