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Axioma and Omega Point enable 'Quantamental' Fundamental Investing

First Published 20th June 2017

Turnkey access to Axioma's suite of factor models enables managers to enhance portfolio performance with factor analysis tools.

Sunay Shah, Axioma

Sunay Shah, Axioma

New York - Axioma, a provider of risk and portfolio management solutions, has announced a new partnership with Omega Point, a portfolio intelligence tool for fundamental-style managers. Omega Point clients can now access Axioma's suite of factor models via their existing workflow.

"Forward-looking vendors need to seamlessly work together to better support market participants as they navigate the changing regulatory landscape," said Sunay Shah, Executive Director, Global Partnerships at Axioma. "Our partnership with Omega Point addresses the buy-side's need to mitigate the risks of integrating multiple systems, and exemplifies our commitment to delivering more value through closer collaboration with innovative fintech companies."

The integration of Axioma's equity factor models with Omega Point enables full portfolio risk decomposition through factor, industry and asset-specific analytics. The unified Axioma-Omega Point solution provides integrated historical factor returns for full factor-based performance attribution. Access to this long-term view of factor impacts will help mutual clients to satisfy investor demands for improved transparency and insights into the drivers of their returns.