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BBVA and Bloomberg offer structured product prices in real-time

First Published 28th June 2017

Bloomberg's derivatives library helps institutional investors create, price and manage structured products investments.

Emilio Sainz de Baranda, BBVA

Emilio Sainz de Baranda, BBVA

Bilbao and London - Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) is the first dealer to give its institutional clients an automated way to build bespoke structured products and then calculate a tradeable price in real-time through a new Bloomberg function called the Derivatives Library, or {DLIB}.

Institutional clients of BBVA can execute deals based on tradeable prices delivered to BBVA's dealer page on the Bloomberg Terminal at {DLIB BBVA}. In addition to delivering structured products pricing in real-time, DLIB provides both parties to a deal with clarity into a deal's characteristics and gives BBVA's buy-side customers back-testing capabilities and product life-cycle management.

Emilio Sainz de Baranda, Global Head of Equity Derivatives Sales at BBVA said: "This partnership with Bloomberg helped shorten the time it takes to structure and price deals from hours to a matter of seconds making it easier for our clients to use BBVA as their dealer of choice for structured investments."

Bloomberg DLIB gives institutional investors access to a library of preexisting and custom deal templates for structuring equity, FX, credit and interest rate derivatives contracts with desired characteristics.

Users can work-up theoretical pricing and analyze the risk of deals, including exotic and hybrid payoffs, on the Bloomberg Terminal when they are Bloomberg Anywhere subscribers.

Institutional investors that use Bloomberg DLIB to structure and price deals can also use Bloomberg's Multi-Asset Risk System, called MARS, for portfolio valuation and collateral management, as well as front office, market and counterparty risk management.