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Deutsche Boerse: New T7 trading technology goes live on Xetra

First Published 3rd July 2017

Deutsche Börse's T7 trading technology now live for Xetra trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Hauke Stars, Deutsche Börse

Hauke Stars, Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse's T7 trading technology is now live for Xetra trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, thereby putting both Xetra and Eurex derivatives trading on the same system. Eurex Exchange, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) already are using T7 trading technology, while Vienna Stock Exchange and the Irish Stock Exchange will soon migrate their systems to T7.

The new system reduces latency. Harmonizing Xetra and Eurex trading technology also means lower development and maintenance costs for those participants who are active on both markets. Eurex trading participants, for instance, will have easier access to Xetra, while regulatory requirements and technical updates can also be integrated into the trading system.

"The new trading technology T7 gives investors and exchange-listed companies access to a sustainable and extremely reliable system that already has a proven track record on different international stock exchanges," said Hauke Stars, Deutsche Börse Executive Board member responsible for Cash Market, Pre-IPO & Growth Financing. "Trading participants specifically benefit from cash market and futures trading synergies and further reduction in latencies."