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Marusan selects Fidessa for wholesale agency trading

First Published 25th July 2017

Marusan Securities goes live with Fidessa's trading technology for its wholesale agency trading business.

Tokyo - Fidessa has announced that Marusan Securities, an independent securities company headquartered in Tokyo, has gone live with Fidessa for its wholesale agency trading business.

Japan's Financial Services Agency is now promoting wider adoption of "fiduciary duty - in a broad sense of serving the clients' interests", not only for buy-side firms but for all firms involved in the financial business. In addition, European regulation in the form of MiFID II, which emphasises market transparency and investor protection, will affect those firms outside of Europe that trade European markets when it comes into force in January 2018. With these global and domestic regulations emerging, achieving and proving best execution is expected to become a key requirement in the Japanese market.

Fidessa's trading platform can help brokers to meet their obligations under these emerging regulations as well as achieve and demonstrate best execution. The platform also encompasses an algorithmic trading engine (tailored especially for Direct Strategy Access) as well as smart order routing capabilities that enable users to optimise trading outcomes across the primary exchange and the alternative venues such as PTSs.