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TigerEye Platform now available through Boat Oasis

First Published 26th July 2017

Boat Services strengthens Cat Risk Modelling platform, with the integration of TigerEye.

Jamie Khurshid, Boat Services.

Jamie Khurshid, Boat Services.

Boat Services has announced the availability of TigerEye on Boat Oasis, the multi-peril cat risk modelling platform. Boat Oasis works with independent model providers, including ARA, COMBUS and CATRisk Solutions, to provide a platform for (re)insurers to consume models.

TigerEye, the pricing and portfolio management platform, is the first external analytics platform to integrate with Boat Oasis, and is now available to clients to help maximise performance and enrich portfolios.

TigerEye allows firms to deploy vendor models to gain a picture of the underlying risk exposures and creates optimal risk to capital solutions. It enables firms to use modelling outputs to drive business decisions by answering questions such as "should we write this risk?", "is this price acceptable", and "how does this impact my portfolio" and provides responses within minutes.

"TigerEye is absolutely the right solution for the market and we couldn't be happier to offer the tool to our clients. Boat Oasis was formed to provide the (re)insurance industry with a deeper understanding of risk and the integration with TigerEye helps us do exactly that" Says Jamie Khurshid, CEO of Boat Services.