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Horizon partners with ULTUMUS

First Published 26th July 2017

Partnership to combine Horizon's trading system with the complete reference and composition managed data service for ETF data provided by ULTUMUS.

Sylvain Thieullent, Horizon

Sylvain Thieullent, Horizon

London and Paris - ULTUMUS, the provider of ETF data, and Horizon Software, the provider of electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology, have announced a partnership. The new deal is intended to improve ETF trading efficiencies and result in traders having a single point for analysing and executing ETF trades, allowing market makers and traders to quote and hedge trades with improved speed and accuracy.

Sylvain Thieullent, CEO of Horizon, said: "Although the global ETF market volumes are growing very quickly, there are also significant inefficiencies in the way that ETFs are traded and executed. Our partnership with ULTUMUS addresses many of the key problems and is expected to accelerate the adoption of electronic processing solutions across the ETF market."

Features include:

  • Compositions within minutes of an event, rather than the industry-standard of hours.
  • Full data coverage, with over 30 header fields, compared to the less than 10 available from the vast majority of providers.
  • Enhanced economics, such as: tax reclaim, redeem corporation tax, etc., rather than ignoring valuable published data.
  • Validated data points (NAV recalculations, tracking of capital changes, etc.) to ensure data quality rather than simply 'publishing blind'.