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Nasdaq offers proprietary US equity feeds from Equinix, London

First Published 23rd August 2017

UK based buy-and sell-side clients can now access Nasdaq US data products directly from the exchange through the Equinix LD4 data center

John Knuff, Equinix

John Knuff, Equinix

New York and London - Nasdaq has announced the availability of proprietary U.S. equity feeds from Equinix's London International Business Exchange (IBX) data center - LD4 - located in Slough, U.K. As part of Nasdaq's efforts to bring U.S proprietary equities data to a larger audience, Nasdaq now offers Nasdaq TotalView and Nasdaq Basic from LD4. Nasdaq Basic combines Nasdaq Best Bid and Offer (QBBO), with either Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS), or Nasdaq Last Sale Plus (NLS Plus).

This new Point of Presence (PoP) will allow firms direct access to U.S. market data from the source, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to core and future U.S. market data products out of LD4. It will also provide these firms with increased opportunity to consume U.S. equity data in a location more convenient to their operational base. Those who already have a network connection to Nasdaq at LD4 can use existing connections in order to receive the U.S. market data feeds, further reducing their costs.

"The financial services ecosystem in London and New York are at the heart of global trading. By providing additional market data to the London-based community via Equinix's LD4 data center, Nasdaq is providing participants with the richest information available to ensure increased business performance," said John Knuff, general manager, financial services, Equinix.