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Colt and Equinix announce strategic partnership

First Published 31st August 2017

Joint offering delivers connectivity to cloud services on demand

Tom Regent, Colt

Tom Regent, Colt

Colt Technology Services has announced a strategic partnership with Equinix to interconnect the Colt IQ Network with Equinix's cloud ecosystem.

The partnership with Equinix, and interconnection to the Equinix Cloud Exchange will enable Colt to include access to more than 50 cloud service providers. Colt customers can also connect to Equinix's data centres.

Equinix customers will be able to access "On Demand" connectivity services based on the Colt IQ Network. Customers can provision and scale bandwidth requirements up and down in near real time, and also gain access to connectivity from enterprise buildings to the cloud through Colt's Dedicated Cloud Access.

"Connectivity lies at the heart of today's enterprises, whether they are currently undergoing digital transformation or are already digital natives. By partnering with Equinix, we expand our digital ecosystem to bring the power of the cloud right to the heart of the intelligent enterprise," said Tom Regent, Chief Commercial Officer, Colt.