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Euronext expands to support growth of European Tech SMEs

First Published 4th September 2017

Euronext launches a European Tech SME initiative, opening offices in four new countries - Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland - teams on the ground to work collaboratively with local ecosystems

Stéphane Boujnah, Euronext

Stéphane Boujnah, Euronext

Euronext, the European exchange, has opened new offices in five European cities outside its core markets - in Germany (Frankfurt, Munich), Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid) and Switzerland (Zurich) - to assist Tech companies in developing their business through capital markets. The countries were selected for their growth opportunities in the Tech sector.

Euronext's representatives in the new European countries will be supported by a new European team of analytics and communication experts. The newly appointed team is committed to working cooperatively with all the local ecosystem players.

In the coming months, Euronext will extend the following Tech initiatives into the four new countries:

  • a pan-European educational programme dedicated to helping executives of Tech SMEs better understand how to use capital markets and the challenges of an IPO. This programme will be up and running by September 2018 for companies from Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
  • Equity research programme: Euronext's partnership with Morningstar, a provider of independent investment research in Europe, to increase the coverage of Tech SMEs by financial analysts. The programme will provide synthetic analysis on Tech stocks listed on Euronext, expand the pool of potential investors, and enhance the sector's visibility.
  • Tech 40 Label and Index: this initiative increases the exposure of Tech companies listed on Euronext and provides access to a greater scope of services including investor roadshows and a dedicated index.

In 2018, Euronext will deploy two new programmes specifically for European Tech SMEs:

  • Get to know your investors: following their listing, companies will benefit from in-house market intelligence services for six months. The services will be tailored for their business and will help them develop a better understanding of their investor base.
  • Trade & Leverage: following their listing, companies will benefit from investor access initiatives sponsored by Euronext, such as equity research, investor events and forums. Market leading providers will be pre-selected to offer the best results and services at the best price.

Stéphane Boujnah, Chairman of the Managing Board and CEO of Euronext, said: "We believe that Euronext is well positioned to support local Tech SME leaders across the continent to bridge funding and liquidity gaps, and contribute to making Europe a global hub for innovation and growth."