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FlexTrade integrates Dataminr global news alert feed

First Published 11th September 2017

FlexTrader EMS enhances best execution for MiFID II compliance with Dataminr AI and machine learning capabilities

Andy Mahoney, FlexTrade UK

Andy Mahoney, FlexTrade UK

London - FlexTrade has announced the integration of Dataminr, a provider of AI and machine learning, into the FlexTRADER EMS. The integration creates a global macro news alert feed within the FlexTRADER interface based on criteria pre-selected by the trader.

"With MiFID II on the horizon, the requirement to take 'all sufficient steps' to achieve Best Execution has driven our clients to explore alternative sources of data," said Andy Mahoney, Head of Sales at FlexTrade.

Within the trader's Dataminr account, customised watchlists can be created, traders can choose to select alerts based on sub-categories including foreign exchange and fixed income. Watchlists may be created based on assorted criteria which can include company name, topics (finance, global awareness, general news etc.) and/or industry sectors (banking and finance, insurance, media etc.)

Alerts can be used to trigger automated actions or trades alongside other characteristics of the order and real-time events coming from a variety of other news sources. Additionally, alerts written in a foreign language can be translated into English.