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QuantHouse launches API store

First Published 11th September 2017

QuantHouse introduces 'qh API Ecosystem' - an API store for quants to enable innovation and cross-selling opportunities between capital market participants

Stephane Leroy, QuantHouse

Stephane Leroy, QuantHouse

QuantHouse, the independent provider of end-to-end market data and trading through API based technologies, has announced the launch of its 'qh API Ecosystem'.

The objective of the qh API Ecosystem is to help all fintech providers turn their software and hardware product portfolios into available on-demand solutions through open APIs, removing the burden of the traditional per customer implementation model.

Equally, the objective of the qh API Ecosystem is to allow all API based users, such as hedge funds and automated trading financial firms, to access advanced trading solutions without dealing with the complexity of technology component integration.

Stephane Leroy, Business Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, QuantHouse, said, "The concept of the QuantHouse API Ecosystem is simple; in the same way that other companies have successfully connected human traders in the 90's through instant messaging systems, we are bringing together the next generation of automated quant traders through API's. Providers of API based innovative solutions will benefit from enhanced business opportunities through our established global community of clients and prospects."