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Accenture & Investit launch business analytics service

First Published 11th September 2017

UK-based benchmarking provider Investit has joined Accenture's asset management industry practice to form a new business analytics service

Catherine Doherty, Investit

Catherine Doherty, Investit

Accenture has launched a new business analytics service for investment management institutions to help them benchmark, analyze and improve the performance of their business processes and technology.

The service will provide year-round industry research and subject matter information to the asset management sector. It will address key business issues including client and product management, intelligent automation, cloud, big data, cyber security and analytics for portfolio management, distribution and operations.

Investit chief executive Catherine Doherty and her team have joined Accenture's asset management practice to form the new service.

Owen Jelf, senior managing director and head of Accenture's global capital markets practice said: "Under heavy regulatory and market pressures, the health and performance of business processes and technology will be a growing factor in the competitive landscape. By bringing leading benchmarking experts and capabilities to Accenture's capital markets practice, we can help our clients compete in a fast evolving sector."

"Our team has worked with many of the world's largest investment firms, providing insights to help them make key business decisions," said Doherty, who will be head of the service. "As part of Accenture we can scale up to provide world leading insights for asset managers across Europe, North America and Asia."