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Abu Dhabi Global Market and Let's Talk Payments form FinTech partnership

First Published 12th September 2017

Abu Dhabi Global Market partners with US-based Let's Talk Payments to extend its FinTech ecosystem for the MENA region

Richard Teng, Abu Dhabi Global Market

Richard Teng, Abu Dhabi Global Market

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the International Financial Centre in Abu Dhabi, and Let's Talk Payments, have formed an alliance to enhance the FinTech ecosystem, and the growth and deployment of innovation in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, by opening the network and connectivity among the local, regional and international FinTech communities.

Through LTP's network and research capabilities, FinTech innovators and partners on ADGM's innovation platforms, including the ADGM Regulatory Laboratory (ADGM RegLab) will have access to a support network of finance mentors, professionals, investors, financial and technological institutions. Through ADGM, the LTP network will gain strategic insights and entry to the developments and growth opportunities only available in Abu Dhabi, the whole UAE and wider emerging economies in the region.

Mr Richard Teng, CEO, FSRA of ADGM said , "Building an inclusive and innovative FinTech ecosystem involves collaboration at every level and across every strategic value chain from startups, banking institutions, accelerators, investors and regulators, locally and internationally. As the FinTech Hub, ADGM creates the connectivity and environment for local and global Fintech stakeholders to exchange ideas and assist each other in realizing their potentials in the Middle East and Africa. We look forward to joining forces with Let's Talk Payment s to roll out concrete initiatives to support the community and our FinTech ecosystem. "