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ITRS and Sumerian to launch ITRS Insights Capacity Planner

First Published 14th September 2017

Mark Loader, ITRS

Mark Loader, ITRS

London - ITRS has diversified its technology through a strategic partnership with Sumerian. ITRS can now offer time series forecasting in the form of ITRS Insights Capacity Planner. The application deals with data - taken from both Geneos, its infrastructure and applications monitoring tool, and other tools and systems - on a large-scale in terms of both volume and data type.

This combined data set is used by a predictive analytics engine, which recommends optimisations, predicts future issues, and can be used to quantify business risks. The application also uses machine learning to analyse the metrics of customer's IT infrastructure and applications to raise warnings and alerts about events that may occur in the future.

Mark Loader, Head of Product Management & Partners at ITRS said: "ITRS clients are already benefitting from collecting IT, application and business metrics across their IT estates. Now they can take that data into Insights Capacity Planner to become part of their business workflow, or use complex analytics forecasting when a data centre, stack or even individual servers will encounter issues that could affect output. It can also be used to support larger projects, such as relocating data centres, which could be of huge benefit in the post-Brexit environment."