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big xyt hub launched for tick data analytics, backtesting and distribution

First Published 14th September 2017

Secures Bats as xyt hub partner to provide tick data to end-clients for algo backtesting and analytics

Robin Mess, big xyt

Robin Mess, big xyt

big xyt, the independent provider of high-volume, smart data and analytics capabilities, has announced the launch of big xyt hub to enable the integration of tick data and analytics via a single API. The xyt hub enables trading firms to consume, analyse and visualise data through cloud-based technologies, featuring Data-as-a-Service and Analytics-as-a-Service functionalities.

The xyt hub Data-as-a-Service functionality allows users to access and visualise raw exchange data, normalised data and reference data via a web interface or API, integrating with any downstream system or programming environment. Users can develop algos using any methodology including Artificial Intelligence and deep learning. Furthermore, they can test and optimise algos in order to improve both execution performance and profitability. Designed to process both historical and real-time data, the Data-as-a-Service offering includes an engine for real-time processing to meet specific user needs. Data can be viewed through flexible business functions, like custom snapshots, auction phases or orderbook replay.

The xyt hub Analytics-as-a-Service functionality enables users to leverage shared analytics functions provided by big xyt, including effective spreads and market impact analysis. The customisation service allows trading firms to develop bespoke business requirements, such as back-testing, TCA, derived market data, and regulatory reporting.

Robin Mess, CEO, big xyt commented: "We are excited to launch the big xyt hub today and welcome Bats as our first exchange partner and user. Requirements for algo testing, TCA or regulatory reporting have increased the demand for independent data and analytics and we are delighted that a number of market participants are already successfully using our xyt hub to integrate and analyse tick data."