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Axioma enhances Portfolio Optimizer

First Published 20th September 2017

Axioma's Portfolio Optimizer offers faster optimisation speeds and enhancements for tax aware portfolios

London - Axioma, a provider of innovative risk and portfolio management solutions, has released the latest version of Axioma Portfolio Optimizer (APO 2017.R4).

Key updates include multi-core optimisation for shorter optimisation run times, improvements for tax-aware portfolio rebalancing, and new enhancements to the Optimizer's Web Service and Python API.

"The latest enhancements to the Optimizer are in response to our customers' need for faster, more responsive solutions that help them make incremental yet impactful adjustments to their investment portfolios as competition stiffens," said Pamela Vance, Managing Director, Applications Development at Axioma.

Updates include:

- Improved solution quality for portfolios with complex tax considerations
- New constraint options that enable users to prevent the sale of individual tax lots
- Ability to export tax-aware reports embedded with a portfolio's tax information, such as rate and accounting method
- A streamlined workflow for creating batches of rebalancings and implementing ad-hoc strategy changes

Following the initial launch of the Optimizer's Web Services and Python API in January, Axioma has added a host of new features. Users can now:

- Create and edit tax-aware portfolios and compute tax-related analytics
- Use additional analytics in the Optimizer's web service and Java API
- Constrain risks using Axioma's proprietary alpha factor
- Generate standard risk reports and execute batches of rebalancings

The Python API was the most widely requested feature for the Optimizer by customers to date.