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Trade Informatics delivers advanced peer analysis solution

First Published 20th September 2017

Peer analysis solution offers a differentiated benchmarking solution for buy-side and asset owners

Joe Hipps, Trade Informatics

Joe Hipps, Trade Informatics

Trade Informatics, a provider of quantitative analytics and systematic trading solutions to institutional asset managers, has released the latest addition to its product suite: Peer Analysis.

Trade Informatics peer analysis offers is designed to be actionable and consumable. More than a check the box solution, the Trade Informatics Peer Analysis solution aims to answer the questions "are any of my peers better than me? If yes, how many and why?"

The Peer Analysis product, which has been in beta with selected clients for over a year, is now available to the market. Peer Analysis enables asset managers to pinpoint where they lie relative to other money managers.

The analysis covers 80 countries, and is 30% comprised of hedge funds. The goal is to apply the Trade Informatics Total Implementation Framework to understand sources of cost and return by region, market cap, order size and momentum among other systematic factors.

Joe Hipps, Managing Director at Trade Informatics commented "Recognizing that every firm has different order flow and trading criteria, the TI approach to peer analysis ensures clients will be benchmarked against activity similar to theirs providing a more accurate picture of relative performance."