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Spread Networks announces 5g wireless latency improvements

First Published 20th September 2017

Spread Networks delivers 5 Gigabits at 90.20 Microseconds from Carteret to Secaucus, New Jersey

Dan Spivey, Spread Networks

Dan Spivey, Spread Networks

Spread Networks, a provider of low-latency dark fiber network and wavelength solutions, has announced latency improvements to its 5G wireless services between NY11, Carteret, New Jersey, and NY4, Secaucus, New Jersey. Spread Networks will launch these improvements on October 8, 2017.

Spread Networks' latency of 90.20µs one-way / 180.40µs roundtrip covers the full end-to-end latency from cabinet demarcation to cabinet demarcation. Additionally, at a line rate of 5 gigabits, the system can process a 64 byte packet in 100 nanoseconds, which is five times faster than a typical low latency network.

"We don't make the customer guess at the real latency, this is truly 5 gigs at 90.20 mics hand-off to hand-off," states Dan Spivey, Founder and CEO of Spread Networks, "and we also offer a 'no excuses' SLA, which means we don't cry about rain when you ask for a service credit."