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Four more CSDs go live on T2S using SWIFT

First Published 22nd September 2017

CSDs in Spain, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania migrate to T2S using SWIFT's Value Added Network solution

Brussels - SWIFT announces the successful migration of Iberclear (Spain) and the Baltic CSDs of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and their respective communities to live operations on T2S using its Value Added Network (VAN) solution for T2S.

The migration of this final wave of CSDs marks the end of the T2S migration plan, which started with the first wave back in June 2015. Since then, 95% of T2S Directly Connected Actors (DiCoAs), have migrated to T2S using the SWIFT VAN solution to connect to the new pan-European securities settlement platform.

With the addition of the final wave, the SWIFT VAN is now carrying live traffic for more than 150 users (CSDs, Central Banks and Directly Connected Participants).