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SIX Swiss Exchange joins xyt hub

First Published 25th September 2017

SIX Swiss Exchange joins xyt hub for tick data distribution and analytics

Robin Mess, big xyt

Robin Mess, big xyt

SIX Swiss Exchange has joined the xyt hub to provide tick data to its trading participants, enabling them to develop, evaluate and backtest new trading and execution strategies while providing transparency over trading activity.

The xyt hub enables the trading community to integrate tick data and analytics via a single AP. Firms can consume, analyse and visualise data through cloud-based technologies, featuring Data-as-a-Service and Analytics-as-a-Service functionalities.

Connecting to the xyt hub enables SIX Swiss Exchange to deliver full market depth data sets to trading participants for a variety of use cases including: analytics, such as spread analytics or calculating market depth; backtesting of trading and execution strategies; and fulfilling best execution requirements. SIX and its trading participants can access market-by-order granularity tick data and analytics, without investment into in-house data infrastructure, technology or additional staff.

Robin Mess, CEO, big xyt, said: "We are delighted to welcome SIX Swiss Exchange to the xyt hub. Easy and cost-effective access to high quality data carry out market impact analysis is key to optimising trading and execution strategies and driving performance. At the same time, regulatory requirements around reporting or best execution demand independent, full market depth data, with nanosecond precision."