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Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services launches BEAT

First Published 26th September 2017

Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services, a division of Moody's Analytics, the research and analytics services provider, has launched Business Excellence and Automation Tools (BEAT). This suite of 40 tools helps firms across the financial services industry to automate processes and focus on their business and customers.

Robert King, Executive Director of Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services said: "BEAT enables firms to focus on growth and on maximizing the productivity of their existing resources. BEAT allows us to offer automated and bespoke solutions, which help our clients achieve more with less, transform their internal processes, and meet regulatory requirements."

Organizations such as asset management, insurance, investment banking, market research - can deploy the tools available through BEAT. All BEAT-powered solutions are cloud-based and modular in nature, and can be deployed in the customers' domain.