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Nasdaq Corporate Solutions unveils Nasdaq Boardvantage

First Published 2nd October 2017

Nasdaq's board portal and team collaboration software - will leverage features from current Nasdaq platforms and combine advancements in cloud-based collaboration technology

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions unveils its board portal and team collaboration software, Nasdaq Boardvantage. Nasdaq Boardvantage is available as a web-based, tablet and mobile solution and offers governance and collaboration solutions for C-suite leadership, board members, corporate secretaries, and other corporate and private organization professionals beyond the boardroom.

"Our board portal and team collaboration solutions are a critical foundation of the Nasdaq Corporate Solutions product offering as well as any company's governance framework," said Stacie Swanstrom, Executive Vice President and Head of Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.

The new product will introduce a suite of new services and features as well as combine features from Nasdaq Directors Desk and Boardvantage MeetX.

Key features of Nasdaq Boardvantage planned for release include:

  • A flexible and updated user interface with enhanced functions to the administration module;
  • Advanced search, featuring improved responsiveness and granular criteria;
  • Improved management of version control and alerting; and
  • Collaboration with in-document discussions, annotations, votes and e-signatures.