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Accuity provides clarity on KYC risks

First Published 17th October 2017

New BA Sanctions View combines insight into ownership and risk

Accuity, the financial crime compliance, payments and KYC solutions provider, has announced the launch of Bankers Almanac Sanctions View. The new proposition helps financial institutions to gain a comprehensive and holistic view of their financial counterparties - including their ownership data together with any sanctions risk - to help them perform their KYC due diligence. Algorithms that use Bankers Almanac's data, sourced from more than 50 regulatory bodies, against the details of over 23,000 banks, are deployed to establish a strength score on the potential risks posed by counterparties.

Bankers Almanac Sanctions View deploys advanced algorithms that enable financial institutions to gain insight into the risk networks of their counterparties and identify any sanctioned entities within those networks, in order to provide greater certainty as to who their customers' owners and subsidiaries really are. In addition, the service assesses risks to current or prospective counterparties from a single source.