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Bats Europe renamed as Cboe Europe Equities

First Published 17th October 2017

Bats Europe to be called Cboe Europe Equities, all products rebranded as Cboe offerings

CBOE Holdings has unveiled its new name, Cboe Global Markets, Inc. The changes follow the acquisition of Bats Global Markets (Bats) earlier this year.

The company's new name, Cboe Global Markets, builds on the brand capital of CBOE and the global reach of the Bats business. In Cboe Global Markets, the word "Cboe" is title case vs. uppercase, and is now pronounced "See - bo" instead of "C-B-O-E." This subtle change signals how the company has expanded beyond its options heritage to a business with multiple asset classes and an expanded global footprint.

Names including CBOE Holdings, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Bats Global Markets and Bats Europe are retired. The new naming conventions for the company and marketplaces are as follows: