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Lucera deploys BSO to boost trading access to FX hubs

First Published 18th October 2017

Lucera has opted to use BSO's connectivity network for it's Chicago-New York-London-Tokyo route

London and Chicago - Market infrastructure provider Lucera has selected BSO's Chicago-New York-London-Tokyo connectivity route to expand its global FX trading reach.

The agreement combines Lucera's on-demand Software Defined Network (SDN) with BSO's low-latency circuit, enabling electronic traders to seek out new sources of FX trading flow and access the major currency regions.

Fraser Bell, Chief Revenue Officer at BSO, added: "With FX volumes picking up last month, speed of information and execution becomes even more important to traders competing for access to new pools of liquidity. Thanks to our widely adopted FX triangle, Lucera's clients can quickly and cost-effectively connect to the major currency hubs. With their unrivalled Global SDN allowing rapid provisioning of connectivity to traders, Lucera is the ideal partner for BSO."