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J.P. Morgan deploys Mosaic's AI tech and predictive analytics

First Published 24th October 2017

Mosaic Smart Data's real-time data analytics platform MSX has been deployed by J.P. Morgan across its fixed income sales and trading division

Mosaic Smart Data is the first graduate of 'In-Residence', a J.P. Morgan programme created last year for technology start-ups looking to commercialise ideas that solve real-world challenges in financial services. J.P. Morgan has signed a multi-year contract with Mosaic Smart Data spanning its entire fixed income trading business.

Mosaic Smart Data helps banks to harness the increasing volume of trade data they hold, and apply technologies such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. The technology can help users to visualise and anticipate market and client activity and reduce the cost and complexity of compliance.

By using historical, real-time and predictive analytics algorithms, the MSX platform will provide J.P. Morgan's rates, sales and trading business with tools to provide tailored client service.