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FinTech associations in HK, Singapore, Switzerland, and Taiwan announce partnership

First Published 27th October 2017

FinTech Association of Hong Kong partners with FinTech Associations in Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan to promote global FinTech

Hong Kong - The FinTech Association of Hong Kong (FTAHK) has signed three separate Memoranda of Understanding with the Singapore FinTech Association, the Swiss Finance + Technology Association and the Taiwan FinTech Industry Development Association. The three associations will support a more connected and co-ordinated approach to FinTech development across the world.

FTAHK will work with its partners on initiatives to support FinTech development, including potentially making joint responses to their markets' respective regulators and other relevant local bodies. The associations will also participate in each others' events, helping to deepen understanding of the opportunities presented through FinTech and further improve the FinTech ecosystem across Asia and Europe.